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Share your design system in a tiny universal package.

Dilla is a fast but minimal WASM builder based on the syntax and behavior of the Jinja2 implemented on top of Minijinja. The goal is to be able to pack your design system into a universal package, executable through a simple declarative API, for both server side and headless rendering.

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Dilla Renderer, main engine to process a payload to an output.


  • Handle HTML Attributes.
  • Handle Bubabble properties as @attached, @variables, @library, and @trans.
  • Use MiniJinja engine to render @component and inline @template.
  • Handle Dilla Renderable.
  • Dilla renderer to output the result.
  • Handle Scoped properties as @styles and @local_variables.


  • Support the whole Design system configuration.


    The current Design System configuration.
  • The current Design System name.
    Keywords prefix to identify properties in the payload.


  • Render a Json String value into HTML String and output in specific Dilla formats.
  • Render a Json Object into json Object.
  • Render a Json String into Json String output. Shortcut for render(payload, “json”).